Nannogreen by BernAqua


NannoGreen is fresh frozen Nannochloropsis in a liquid state


  • Fresh frozen Nannochloropsis rich in Fatty Acids  (EPA, ARA)
  • Excellent cell separation when applied in the water mitigating stress on larvae
  • Liquid product increasing productivity, ideal to feed rotifers

Product information

NannoGreen is fresh frozen Nannocloropsis in a liquid state, the best and convenient way to feed rotifers. NannoGreen increases the productivity and by obtaining green-coloured water with an excellent cell separation dispersed throughout all the water column. Therefore it ensures stable water quality with better consumption, offering a high nutritional value rich in EPA and phospholipids.


Nannochloropsis gaditana 100%

Dry Weight Algae Content: 15%


Protein (%)*45.0
Lipids (%)*22.0
Ash (%)*11.0
Fiber (%)*15.0

*based on dry weight

EPA (mg/g)35.0
ARA (mg/g)4.2
Vitamin B12 (mg/Kg)240.0
Vitamin E (mg/Kg)290.0
Vitamin C (mg/Kg)750.0

Instructions for use

Defrost at 4C° in a freezer within 24-48 hours. Use an initial Rotifer density between 350-500 rotifers/ml (Recommended). Use 3,5 ml NannoGreen per Million of Rotifer per day. Can be used continually or divide into 4-6 times/day.

Can be used at different salinities.

Product based on natural ingredients. Variation in color is possible but does not affect the performance.

Available sizes

Cell Size: 2 – 3 microns
Cell Count: around 25 bill cell/ml

Storage condition

Store in freezer at -18 C°,

Once opened keep at 4 C° and use within 4 days.


Bottles 2,4 Lt


1 year

Fish: days post hatch

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Last modifications: September 20, 2019

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