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We build the future of aquaculture

BernAqua is a hatchery feed company that is exclusively dedicated to the development, production and distribution of specialized, high quality feeds and solutions for a healthy growth of fish and shrimp.


Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal farming business today. Hatcheries are the foundation of the aquaculture industry, and feeds are at the heart of their success. Therefore, our main focus is helping our customers to achieve the best results while delivering healthy and tasty seafood.

BernAqua’s commitment is to invest in the future. Providing the aquaculture industry with the best products is not only our aim and motivation but also our duty.

Our company supports multiple hatcheries and farms in over 50 countries. Every day we share with them our knowledge and best practices so that they can achieve a long-term success.

Our strength is a global scale with an international presence combined with our local agility. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with tailored-made solutions and high performance diets for most of fish and shrimp species according to their specific farming conditions.

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We apply the latest advances in nutritional science into our manufacturing processes and products.

We are also environmentally responsible and devoted to preserving the natural beauty and health of our industry.

> Approved and registered as an official feed producer
> International certifications
> 10 years of experience

> 11 Applied Research Centers around the world
> Part of Neovia, a major global player of animal nutrition & health

> Presence in over 50 countries
> Large experience in logistic and trade export
> Best supply chain

> 105 engaged professionals
> Best advisory and novelty in technology
> Success of our clients as our biggest priority


Check how our professionals can help you to take the most out of your business.


Feed is at the heart of hatcheries’ success.

Our balanced larval feed formulations will help you to prepare your larvae and post-larvae for the most efficient growth.

Healthy and stable living conditions are essential for fish and shrimp growth.

BernAqua proposes the right solutions to control environmental conditions and to avoid harmful substances and pathogens.

BernAqua is committed to the future of aquaculture.

BernAqua is part of Neovia Group, international specialist in animal nutrition and health. The Neovia R&D department is adding a new dimension to the product development and opens many new opportunities.

The technological inputs are necessary to develop an effective aquaculture business.

The production technology has a direct impact on the quality of produced feeds and the performance of fish and shrimp. We provide you with all the information about the way our products are manufactured.



Every day we help our clients in over 50 different countries. Thanks to this international dimension, we know different challenges that hatcheries are facing depending on their local environment, economy or market conditions.

Our experts can help you to improve your profitability by choosing the right products according to your needs.

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