Living conditions in the hatcheries

Environmental factors affecting fish and shrimp health


Fish and shrimp’s health in hatcheries may be affected by various living or non-living agents in their environment. Many infectious organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites may cause disease to your farmed species. The outside factors include the environmental conditions and water is the principal component, which can compromise their health.

Therefore, it is crucial to control the critical water quality parameters, such as oxygen, un-ionized ammonia, nitrite, free carbon-dioxide or pH. However your hatchery’s performance can also be affected by water hardness or temperature.

The primary task in aquaculture is to maintain water quality conditions within ideal levels for the species being cultured.

The optimal feeds, appropriate feeding regimes or zootechnical management are important, but all the aqua farmers know that the quality of water is crucial to grow high quality fish and shrimp.

Sub-optimal water quality and insufficient water supply can dramatically hurt your business, by undermining production results.

Water quality has a significant impact on your production, so it deserves your particular attention.

To obtain good growth rates, fish and shrimp must be cultured in the optimum water conditions. Good water quality minimizes the risk of deficiencies in fish and shrimp growth and improve their survival rate. The bacterial control is essential in order to control the excess of pathogens and toxic agents, which can significantly harm your production performance.

BactoSafe is a concentrated complex of live bacteria specially selected to enhance the health of fish and shrimp by controlling bad and excessive bacterial communities in the production system.

Bactosafe regulates and enhances the microbial environment, allows the establishment of healthy water conditions, improves feed conversion ratio and thus increases overall animal performance.


    Selected to treat the soil of the ponds


    For the regulation of the microbial ecosystem of culture water


    For the regulation of the microbial eosystem of culture water

An end-to-end offer with a complete range of products and services


As part of ADM, international specialist in animal nutrition and health with a particular focus on research and innovation, we offer a unique product and service portfolio providing your hatchery with all the solutions you need. The aquaculture, especially early stages which require a real expertise and a thorough work, is an important focus of the Group. ADM has a unique technical know-how at the first stages of life of aquatic organisms in terms of nutritional inputs, environmental approach and advanced technologies. Check our end-to-end offer and discover how together, we can help you grow your aqua business.

Innovative science feeding mankind

From 2014 to 2025 we expect a growth of 38% in the aquaculture industry, which represents a major challenge for the coming years.


ADM’s holistic approach covers everything from feed to management of fish ponds (quality, water system management) to ensure quality production that respects the environment.

The company is investing heavily in this area with key markets in Brazil, Mexico and Vietnam.



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Upscience is an international network of laboratories specialized in physico-chemical analyses, microbiology and molecular biology. Upscience offers an extensive and innovative range of analyses and services for food, feed, petfood, nutraceuticals and environmental stakeholders.


Upscience’s network is made of 6 laboratories in FranceItalyBrazil and Vietnam and 1 expertise center in China in order to support the local and international development of their customers.




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