Fry and Fingerling Fish Feeding

Fish farming has become an important topic nowadays as it will provide next generations with a source of quality proteins. Compared to others species, fish proteins have several advantages such as excellent feed conversion rates.

At BernAqua we know that fish feeding regime is a crucial point for our customers. This is why we take care of our products’ quality from the very beginning with the acquisition of the best raw materials, until the use of innovative technologies, which guarantee the best production performance.

BernAqua’s fish feeding regime has proven in tests to be the perfect match even for the most demanding fish species. Our feeds have demonstrated an outstanding performance receiving excellent feedback from our customers.


Aquatic organisms need optimal water conditions as they minimize the risk of deficiencies and ensure the healthy growth of fish increasing their survival rate. The bacterial control is therefore a key to avoid some pathogens and toxic agents, which can harm the production performance.



  • Best control of bad and excessive bacterial communities
  • Healthy environment and better survival rates
  • Improved water quality in the tanks
  • 1 year of shelf life

Especially recommended for:

All fish species

Life Food Enrichment

Marine fish contain large amounts of Fatty Acids (DHA, EPA and ARA) in their phospholipids. As those Fatty Acids cannot biosynthesize, they are considered to be absolutely essential (EFA). Although rotifers and artemia are often used as live feed for marine fish larvae, they are considered poor in EFA. Therefore the live food enrichment diets are crucial as they provide farmed fish with a necessary amount of fatty acids.

Red Pepper


Red Pepper
  • A complete enrichment product for rotifers and Artemia
  • Phospholipids containing fatty acid omega3
  • Rich in vitamins vital for fish immunity and collagen tissue development
  • Unique technology preserving essential fatty acids, improving feed efficiency and reducing leaching



  • Stable emulsion preserving water quality
  • Refined fish oils helping rotifers to easily filter lipid particles
  • Enriched with vitamins E and C and acting as antioxidants

Rotifer Feed / Green Water

Green water is a common technology in aquaculture with many benefits. Adding algae in the water during larvae culture is a direct food source stimulating immune system of larvae. Algae are known to be a key ingredient for rotifer production, which can be an expensive process requiring human resources and appropriate infrastructure. In fact typically algal production can cost over 5% of total fry production! This is why using algae products can significantly reduce costs and simplify your production process.



  • Fresh frozen Nanochloropsis in a liquid state, rich in Fatty Acids (EPA, ARA)
  • Excellent cell separation mitigating stress on larvae
  • Retains the characteristic buoyancy of live algae with no fouling of tanks



  • Selected blend of Chlorella algae improving fish health and reinforcing their immune system
  • Drying process ensuring the best quality of the product
  • No fouling of your tanks

Larval Diet

Live feed at the early larval stages is necessary because larvae’s digestive system is still in development. The beginning of weaning will depend on the digestive capacities of the larvae and the rearing conditions. Artificial diets are the best solution to go to a complete regime based on quality nutritional formulations and progressively switch from live feeds. Thanks to some recent advances in fish feeding regimes, hatcheries can grow their fish on larval diets achieving the best results. 



  • Micro-encapsulated diet produced with easily digestible particles
  • High quality ingredients ensuring the best larval development and higher survival rates
  • Minimizing the use of live feed
  • Different sizes available matching different life stages of fish larvae

Especially recommended for:

All marine and freshwater fish species with high protein demand



  • Agglomerated diet with excellent ingredients
  • Perfect nutritional balance covering most of fry physiological needs
  • Stable in water with a great protein digestibility

Especially recommended for:

All marine and freshwater fish species with high protein demand

Nursery Diet

Preparing fish for the growth phase is one of the most important steps in aquaculture. Indeed, after weaning, fish fry need well balanced growth and hatcheries – cost effective feeds. BernAqua’s highly performant nursery diet provides fish with highly nutritional, easy-to-digest energy intake.

MeM Prime


MeM Prime - Micro extruded marumized feed
  • Micro-cold extruded product preventing the denaturation of nutrients
  • Tiny particle size facilitating catching
  • Highly stable in water reducing leaching and preserving water quality

Especially recommended for:

All marine and freshwater fish species with high protein demand, cultivated in intensive conditions


BernAqua experts will provide you with guidance for appropriate nutrition and feeding strategies and gladly help to optimize your feeding protocols. Contact them today and ask for advice.


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