BactoSafe S by BernAqua


BactoSafe is a concentrated complex of live bacteria specially selected to enhance the health of fish and shrimp


  • Total bacterial concentration is 1,0 x 10exp9
  • Mineralizes organic matter minimizing the fertilizers usage.
  • Reduces dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrite and sulfide pollutants.
  • Reduces soil treatments as disinfectants and pH regulators.
  • Reduce needs for water exchanges.
  • Reduces levels of toxic compounds in the bottom of ponds.

Product information

Bactosafe S is a concentrated bacterial complex specially selected to treat the soil of the ponds. Designed to accelerate the biological decomposition of highly fouled aquaculture pond soil, and improve the health of fish and shrimp.

The specific strains have been selected for their beneficial action such as bioremediation:


  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus licheniformis
  • Growth medium


Quality Assurance
Concentration CFU/g1,0 x 10exp9

Instructions for use

Ponds Application

After harvest and before seed: Activate 1.0 kg Bactosafe S by hydrating with 2.0 kg molasses in 100 liters of warm fresh water for 30 minutes with aeration.  Broadcast hydration mixture evenly over 1-hectare of pond surface, better if the soil is moisture or filled with 50 cm water.

Maintenance:  Following the same process of activation, use 0.5 kg treatment each 30 days after seeding

Off-flavor reduction: Following the same process of activation, use 2.0 kg/Ha treatment each 30 days after seeding.

Do not let hydration mixture stand more than 4 hours.

Health & Safety

Bactosafe S is non-toxic and harmless to humans or animals. It leaves no residues and has no withdrawal time. Should not be mixed with food, do not premix with others products.

Storage condition

Store in a cold place (best at 20°C, max.35°C).

SHELF-LIFE 2 years



Drums of 20.0 and 40.0 kg (1.0 kg pouches per drum)


2 years

Shrimps: moults post hatch

Fish: days post hatch

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Last modifications: September 20, 2019

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