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WeaN – answering the new challenges of shrimp farming


  • Micro extruded feed ensuring a better digestibility of ingredients
  • High stability in the water, reducing leaching and preserving water quality
  • Homogeneous access to the shrimp juveniles population in the nursery, raceways and pre-fattening stages with a special size pallet of 0,8   1,3 and 1,7 mm
  • Direct action on the pathogens and an improved resistance of the juveniles

With the new challenges of shrimp farming and the implementation of new productive technologies, new nutritional demands are generated specifically for multiphasic systems in nurseries. In order to offer the best solutions to our customers and to attend the market’s latest trends in technologies, BernAqua has launched “WeaN”, a product specially formulated to be used during the nursery, raceways and pre-fattening phases.


WeaN is a micro-extruded product formulated with MULTI Guard, one blend of additives with multiple action which works on different physiological pathways improving the immune-system of the juvenile.


  • Fish meal
  • wheat meal
  • soy meal
  • soy lecithin
  • fish oil


Moisture (%max)13.0
Protein (%min)45.0
Lipids (%min)9.5
Ash (%max)12.0
Fiber (%max)4.0
Calcium (g/kg)20.0-30.0
Sodium (mg/kg)4000
Phosphorus (g/kg)13.0
Vitamin A (IU/kg)15000
Vitamin C (mg/kg)800
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)5000
Vitamin E (IU/kg)350
Vitamin K3 (mg/kg)70.0
Vitamin B1 (mg/kg)150.0
Vitamin B2 (mg/kg)100.0

Instructions for use

Wean 0.8 mm
Feed between 11 – 9.5% of the shrimp biomass. Use Wean 0.8 mm from 0.07 – 0.2 gr.

Wean 1.3 mm
Feed between 9.5 – 6% of the shrimp biomass. Use Wean 1.3 mm from 0.2 – 0.8 gr.

Wean 1.7 mm
Feed between 6 – 4% of the shrimp biomass. Use Wean 1.7 mm from 0.8 – 3.0 gr.

Divide into more times per day as possible. Adjust feed amounts according to local conditions.

Available sizes

0.8 mm

1.3 mm

1.7 mm

Storage condition

store in a dry and cool place (best at 4°C, max. 20°C)


Bags of 25.0 kg


1 year

Moults post hatch

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Last modifications: September 20, 2019

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