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Caviar Nature is  composed of agglomerated microcapsules especially formulated with organic ingredients to be used in the organic productions.


  • Can be used in organic productions under (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 regulations
  • Microencapsulated diet highly stable in water with easily digestible particles
  • Different sizes available matching different life stages of fish larvae

Product information

Caviar Nature is composed of agglomerated microcapsules especially formulated with organics ingredients to be used in the organic productions. The agglomerated product exists in different sizes to match the different stages of fish larval development. Each capsule is filled with high-quality organic ingredients ensuring an excellent nutrition without leaching in water. Caviar Nature is neutrally buoyant and it has an exceptional palatability.


  • marine fish
  • krill
  • fish hydrolysate
  • yeast autolysate
  • micro-algae
  • soy lecithin
  • fish gelatin


Moisture (%)8.0
Protein (%)60.0
Lipids (%)12.6
Ash (%)14.0
Fiber (%)1.0
Calcium (%)2.3
Sodium (%)1.5
Phosphorus (%)1.9
Vitamin A (IU/kg)13,000
Vitamin C (ppm)1,670
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)1,750
Vitamin E (ppm)820
n-3 HUFA (mg/g)15.8
DHA (mg/g)7.5
EPA (mg/g)4.0
ARA (%)0.3

Instructions for use

Feed up to 15 g/m3/day of Caviar 50-100µm, up to 50 g/m3/day of Caviar Nature 100-200µm, 50-100 g/m3/day of Caviar Nature 200-300µm, 100-250 g/m3/day of Caviar Nature 300-500µm, 5-10% of fish-biomass/day of Caviar Nature 500-800µm Divide into frequent times per day. Spread all over the tank. Adjust fed amounts according to local conditions.

Product based on natural ingredients. Variation in color is possible but does not affect the performance.

Available Sizes






Storage condition

store in a dry and cool place (best at 4°C, max. 20°C)


pouches of 1.0 kg for sizes below 200µm (6 pouches per carton)

buckets of 4.0 kg for sizes below 100µm

buckets of 5.0 kg for sizes above 100µm


1 year

Fish: days post hatch

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