ω3Algae is only composed of a selected blend of Chlorella algae


  • Selected blend of Chlorella algae improving fish health and reinforcing their immune system
  • Drying process just after algae harvest ensuring the best quality of the product
  • Ready-to-use dry algae, saving time and optimizing labor tasks in hatcheries

Product Information

Stable: Chlorella cells are dried virtually minutes after their harvest thanks to a unique and proprietary technique, ensuring the inactivation of autolysis (enzymatic) processes, the preservation of all nutritional characteristics and the total elimination of all bacteria and viruses.

Growth: there is nothing like pure micro algae to guarantee a high quality culture. ω3Algae is pure and is not blended with yeast cells and does not contain chemicals additives.

Easy: out of the shelf, easy to blend. The operator can reach complete cell separation in just few minutes of blending. The suspension remains remarkably stable in water for a long time if no waterborne or air-borne bacteria contaminations are taking place.


  • micro-algae
  • dextrose


Moisture (%)8.0
Protein (%)35.0
Lipids (%)12.0
Ash (%)9.0
Fiber (%)6.5
Calcium (%)0.2
Sodium (%)1.0
Phosphorus (%)0.8
Vitamin A (IU/kg)1,250
Vitamin C (ppm)1,750
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)250
Vitamin E (ppm)250
n-3 HUFA (mg/g)20.0
DHA (mg/g)15.0
EPA (mg/g)1.5

Instructions for use

Rotifer cultures A feeding rate of 0.6 to 1.0 g of ω3Algae per million rotifers is suggested. Feed 4 to 6 rations per day. Best growth will be obtained at temperature close to 29.5 °C. ω3Algae cells readily disperse in water when mixed in a standard blender. Green water technique: 5-10 g/m3/day. Adjust fed amounts according to local conditions.

Product based on natural ingredients. Variation in color is possible but does not affect the performance.

Available Sizes


Storage condition

store in a dry and cool place (best at 4°C, max. 20°C)


jars of 500 g (8 jars per carton)


2 years

Days post hatch

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Last modifications: February 26, 2018

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