Stability is the key for marine fish hatchery operations. 


28 February 2019

Maintaining production stability throughout the season is key for successful marine fish hatchery operation.
Considering how many things can go wrong, it is crucial to have the right solutions and backups in hand.

Amongst Bernaqua’s hatchery solutions, NannoGreen is available to support stable rotifers and larvae production during the critical early life stages.


Whether by global economy, climate change, diseases, contaminations, negligence or “simple” bad luck,
marine fish hatcheries all around the world have been seriously affected.
Maintaining stable production is a major challenge, and is becoming even more challenging under these ever-changing conditions.
The constant pressure to optimize and improve operations in order to keep competitiveness drive hatcheries to cut down on expenses,
sometimes causing more problems rather than leading to alternative economical solutions.



Microalgae have always played a key role in marine fish hatcheries stability,
although maintaining it in continuous production in the hatchery is costly and time consuming.
Aged hatcheries suffer from obsolete equipment and infrastructure, whilst young struggle with lack of specialized personnel to operate these advanced (and more efficient) technologies.
In any case, microalgae’s important role in healthy larval development is sometimes overlooked, and rotifers cultures are amongst the first to suffer.

In order to reduce the risk of rotifer collapses, frozen algae concentrates could be used to partially and/or fully replace live algae cultures during peak production season.
In other words, external algae experts produce the algae concentrates for the hatchery, allowing them to focus on their larvae and fish facilities which is challenging enough.
Since 2017 Bernaqua expanded its microalgae solutions range for marine fish hatcheries to include also NannoGreen (
This Frozen Nannochloropsis concentrate is already available in key markets and is used by small and large marine fish hatcheries with great success.


BernAqua's NannoGreen

BernAqua’s NannoGreen

About NannoGreen
NannoGreen is Bernaqua’s frozen Nannochloropsis concentrate (15% DW), rich in essential fatty acids such as EPA and ARA, perfect for daily rotifer feeding and green water production.
NannoGreen is made 100% of Nannochloropsis gaditana, with average cell size of 2-3 microns, making it suitable for young and small rotifers species, as well as mature and common species such as B. plicatilis and B. cayman.

Why NannoGreen?
Our products are carefully selected to uphold the highest quality standards.
NannoGreen is GMP certified, produced in naturally filtered marine borehole water, protected from contamination sources and heavy metals.
The product can be stored frozen for up to 1.5 years, allowing flexibility in storage and use.


Example of Nannogreen performance in a commercial hatchery:In trials conducted at a commercial marine fish hatchery in March 2018.
Nannogreen was used in 4 consecutive cycles of batch production (3 days each).
Results obtained showed that rotifers increase was over 46% on average, with egg/rot ratio between 32-38%.
Overall results indicate high growth rate and stable rot/egg ratio throughout the trial.


Daily rotifer counts rot/ml (4 batches)

* Trial conducted in 300L tanks at starting densities between 400-600 rot/ml. Feedings X 5 times per day, temp 25-26 Cᴼ, salinity 25 ppt.

Brachionus sp.

Brachionus sp.


Combined with Bernaqua’s full hatchery product range, stability can be maintained throughout the production cycles.
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