BernAqua expands its microalgae products range

16 November 2018

BernAqua expands its microalgae products range to better answer hatcheries’ needs and support growing industry demands. The extended product portfolio, focused on early stage shrimp and fish production, is already available in key markets worldwide.

 Microalgae have always been a crucial element in shrimp and fish farming but efficient production at the hatchery level is demanding and variable, especially for small and medium scale hatcheries.
To address this issue BernAqua increased their efforts to ensure its microalgae solutions cover all customers’ needs from hatch to larval rearing of different species in different region around the world.

With a variety of microalgae species such as Chlorella, Nannochlorposis, Spirulina and Schizochytrium, sold in dry, fresh or frozen forms, BernAquas’ products answer different needs and applications at various markets and regions.

Microalgae are also integrated in feed formulations such as Red Pepper and Nori for enrichment, improving nutritional value and palatability effects.
Adding microalgae enrich the formulas with essential ingredients including lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, pigments and active compounds which support growth and immune system functions.

BernAqua algae solutions are bio secure, field tested and supervised by internal experts with aim to simplify operations and maximizing performance.

In addition to promoting their current product range, BernAqua is actively engaged in the innovative product development working closely with Neovia Research and Development center in France. This close collaboration and access to Neovia’s research facilities opened up new opportunities to continuously explore novel species, technologies and ingredients in line with future global demands.

 Stay tuned for more information about BernAqua’s microalgae solutions and other hatchery products in the upcoming posts. Browse our website for more technical information about our products. Don’t be afraid to contact one of our experts for more information about microalgae.




Sample of Algea
Sample of Algea

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