Global aquaculture challenges 2018 – 3rd edition of Aquademy

15 April 2018

From 9th to 13th April BernAqua’s experts have participated in the 3rd edition of Aquademy, which this year, took place in Ecuador. Aquademy is a key meeting of Neovia aquaculture specialists, reunited together to define a global strategy and discuss the most important market aquaculture challenges in upcoming years.

Ecuador – a booming shrimp industry

The 3rd edition of Aquademy took place in Ecuador, one of the fastest growing shrimp industry in the world. In addition, the newly acquired Company, Epicore, holds in Ecuador a leading position on solutions for shrimp operations, such as probiotics and shrimp hatchery diets. Using nature’s own biological approach to reduce pollution and minimize disease, Epicore applies biological science to solve problems in several operations around the world.

Aquademy – a big success enhancing Neovia’s expertise in aquaculture

The Aquademy community has been created few years ago to train aqua experts, give them the best tools to better understand various aquafarming issues and enable innovation through a deep knowledge exchange. By gathering the right people, Neovia has built a powerful aquaculture community, where all the experts can learn from each other, share their experiences and thus, come up with the best strategies for each region and each production setup.

Aquaculture Challenges in 2018

Aquademy members brainstormed on how to help fish and shrimp operations to cope with their daily challenges, convinced that besides offering high-end products, it’s crucial to provide their customers with high-quality services and technical support.

This year, Aquademy experts had a chance to expand their knowledge of probiotics. They discussed various solutions to help their customers to improve shrimp and fish performance by enhancing both, gut health and environment through water bioremediation or pond bottom treatment.

In addition, the attendees from other regions had a unique opportunity to go to the field and visit shrimp hatcheries as well as grow-out farms in order to better understand the characteristics of this booming market.

Finally, Aquademy experts worked on InMyFarm Aqua, an exclusive decision making tool developed by Neovia to perform a deep assessment of the shrimp hatcheries and farms. The App delivers personalized reports with key technical recommendations to improve the performance and management of aquafarms.

Reinforcing Aquaculture Community

Enabling a deep knowledge exchange and mixing diverse areas of expertise is one of the biggest strengths of Neovia. By gathering different experts together, not only does Neovia create a unique environment enabling innovation, but also a strong cohesion among all the members, who continuously learn from each other.

Congratulations to all attendees for this fruitful week in Ecuador!

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