W3 Olio by BernAqua


Olioω3 is a stable emulsion based on refined fish oils.


  • Stable emulsion preserving water quality
  • Refined fish oils helping rotifers to easily filter lipids
  • Enriched with vitamins E and C and acting as antioxidants in the body of the fish larvae

Product information

Olioω3 is stabilized with carefully selected emulsifiers. Olioω3 is also enriched with Vitamins E and C that are acting as anti-oxidants in the body of the fish larvae. Vitamin E is a lipid based anti-oxidant and protects membranes and highly unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin C is playing important functions in regenerating Vitamin E but also in immune functions and tissue formation. Olioω3 is readily forming a uniform and stable emulsion of lipid droplets of approximately 1-3 µm in size. These lipid particles are filtered efficiently by rotifers or Artemia.


  • purified fish oil
  • water


Moisture (%)34.0
Lipids (%)65.0
Ash (%)1.0
Fiber (%)0.5
Calcium (%)0.2
Sodium (%)0.2
Phosphorus (%)0.2
Vitamin C (ppm)1,050
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)2,500
n-3 HUFA (mg/g)180.0
DHA (mg/g)60.0
EPA (mg/g)120.0

Instructions for use

Rotifer enrichment cleaned rotifers should be enriched at a density of up to 500,000 rotifers per liter, for a period of 6 hours. Olioω3 is added in 2 rations of 60 gram/m³ /ration. Rotifers are harvested after 6 hours and rinsed to remove all traces of the enrichment medium.

Artemia enrichment incubate Artemia nauplii at densi-ties of up to 300,000 nauplii per liter, at a temperature of 25-30ºC while maintaining an oxygen concentration of more than 4 mg oxygen per liter. Olioω3 is added in 2 rati-ons of 250 grams/m³ /ration, 12 hours apart for a standard 24 hour enrichment. Harvested Artemia must be rinsed to remove all traces of the enrichment medium. Adjust fed amounts according to local conditions

Available Sizes

Storage condition

store in a dry and cool place (best at 4°C, max. 20°C)


bottle of 1.0 kg (10 bottles per carton)


2 years

Days post hatch

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